328 Group Limited Member Dave Jackson, formerly of HBOS

Dave Jackson, CEO of 328 Group Limited reveals it’s to be the first in the world to roll-out four channel Swift Broadband aboard the Embraer Legacy 600 carrier.

328 Design – a sister company of Germany-based aviation specialist company 328 Group Limited – has agreed the globe’s first contract for a Swift Broadband with four channels overhaul on-board it’s Embraer Legacy 600 planes. Following the timely award of EASA certification with TCCA and FAA backing, the installation of broadband was completed by partner ABS JETS.

328 Group is a specialist in aircraft refurbishment, completions and maintenance, and is said to be very pleased with the deal, according to Dave Jackson – the Group’s CEO.

“The Swift Broadband certification on the first Legacy 600 demonstrates our Group’s growing capabilities on certification work, where an increasing number of operators and suppliers are contacting us for our expertise.”

328 Design based in Wessling and headed by Jorge Gorkenant COO (the group’s Head of Design) co-operated with the engineering firm ALAMO on the developmental arm of engineering support and aircraft modification. As a team, they ran post-installation tests and system configurations before handing the process to ABS – an authorised service centre dedicated to Embraer that is situated in Praque.

Modifications to the service, says Dave Jackson, include supplying Satcom1 AvioIP comms software and EMTEQ’s eConnect wifi router. The combination enables advance range communication provided across Swift Broadband.

VIP corporate guests on the flight will take advantage of the User Management and service profiles to manage bandwidth. This includes: Inflight Smartphone voice communication and On Demand WiFi streaming to passenger mobiles and tablets; guranteed Dual X-Stream ch12annel aggregation with data speed rate of 800Kbps; and data acceleration and compression.

David Jackson explains that the contract has come at the right time. The 328 Group is riding the booming trend of inflight broadband. Earlier this year, Inmarsat – a leading mobile satellite services operator – announced that it would deploy a heightened telecommunications network to deliver aviation passengers with connection services in and around Europe. In order to reach this goal, the firm has ordered a S-band satellite. It will be called Europasat and will be complemented by complete network across the EU.

“Competition is stiff”‘ says the leader of 328 Group. “We are very happy to be leading the way with such new technology and hope our customers will reap the benefits.”

The 328 Group delivers broad services and skills to the aircraft industry. It supports more than 200 aircraft around the world and has a workforce of more than 220 aviation experts. The company has been headed by Dave Jackson in its output of avionics installations, plane refurbishments, aircraft maintenance, Part-M Services and exterior painting. It Group comprises several divisions: 328 Design, 328 Support Services and JETS, it’s flight MRO based in BiggintHill and Bournemouth.

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